Thursday, July 3, 2008

Funny*ness Shameless Self-Promotion #3: Sandy

Hi, my name is Sandy Groth,

Shahsam, my horse is named
That word is what I shouted out,
when I saw him his first day.

I'd like for you to vote for us,
In this contest we've tried hard,
to get more people interested,
to vote for all these cards!

I try to bring a little smile,
to all on Hallmark's site,
and share a little of my heart,
to make your days so bright.

Vote for us and I can say,
you really won't regret it,
I'll thank you with a little poem,
that's fun and filled with wit!


poeticfisherman said...

Cute poem, Sandy. I love the different ways each finalist is able to express themselves for self-promotion's sake. All are clever; all are creative. Good luck to you!

Sandideer said...

Thanks Poetic..I had sent photos of myself with Shahsam too..(so people could see he really does have a head!)
Don't you just love Mikes cartoon??....that is a perfect self promote!.