Monday, September 28, 2009

Lawyers Love a Good Fart Joke

Judging time is one of our favorite weeks, but we couldn't keep all the fun to ourselves. We invited our lawyers to the party. And it looks like they showed up in matching outfits. Think they planned that? Don't let their business attire fool you. These two were laughing like teenage boys at all your guy-friendly jokes involving bodily functions. Thanks to all of you responsible for such potty humor. You know who you are.

This is where the magic happens, our tiny judging chamber. We had juuust enough room to fit our judges and your submissions. You're getting a rare glimpse at the room with the door open. Usually it's closed to muffle any chatting, laughing or arguing over the contending cards.

Hmmm...will it be this one or that one? Sometimes it comes down to one vote. Too bad we missed a great arm wrestling shot.

When all the arguments have been settled and the lawyers have been thoroughly amused, we finally arrive at our 30 online winners! Here they are, all blurry-like. You'll get to see all 30 unblurred when we announce the online winners November 2.


savvangogh said...

I'm disappointed you posted the blurry winners, although I'm sure it seemed like a good tease. Because of it, I'm pretty sure my card wasn't chosen, and it has taken all the excitement out of waiting until Nov. 2nd.

Wordy McGee said...

Hi savvangogh,

Yes, we're fans of blurry photos. They have a level of mystery, don't you think?

Don't be too disappointed about not getting a winner's call this time. You've got a chance to enter our next contest starting Monday! We'd love to see another one of your card ideas come through and become a winner!

Have a great weekend,


savvangogh said...

Thanks for writing. I already have my next design ready! :D