Friday, September 18, 2009

Congratulations to Sara Dykes, yourBloopers Grand Prize Winner

We are very proud indeed to announce that Sara and her trusty sidekick, Orson are the reigning yourBloopers Grand Prize Winners! We couldn't resist Orson's lovable face when we first saw Sara's card, and it looks like America loved it just as much. Either that or we all have an inexplicably strong love of cheese puffs. That's pretty likely, too. Congrats, Sara and Orson. Long may you reign and long may you crunch.

It’s your day.
You can be as silly as you want!
Happy Birthday!


Stephanie said...

Congrats, Sara!!

R.D. said...

Congrats! Can I borrow $1,000 of that? *giggles*

decaf said...

We're so proud of our grand dog, but even prouder of Sara! She's a shining star too!

Sandideer said...

Congratulations Sara and Orson!!!

I figured out with the prize money you can buy approximately 75 to 80 bags of the nationally known brand of cheese puffs...or you can buy twice that of the store you are cheesy rich!
Have fun helping the staff at judging the new contest!!!

OrsonDogge said...

we are so excited to be the winner!! what a fun ride!
I appreciate everyone that bought my silly card of my silly dog!

oh and dang, i thought for sure i could buy way more cheese puff bags than that!! LOL. I guess i'll buy at least ONE bag for the boy!

and if anyone is interested in Orson, here's his YOUTUBE page:

Thanks again,
Sara and Orson the Dogge

Nicole said...

Congratulations Sara!!