Monday, September 14, 2009

Insider Advice From Our Man, Scott...

Since the newest contest is Birthday His Way, we couldn't miss out on an opportunity to give you card-making advice straight from the one and only guy on our team, Scott.  He's chock-full of insights about what kinds of cards men like.  At least the kinds of cards he likes.  Take 'em or leave 'em, folks.

What kinds of cards do you like to get?
The kind of card I like depends on who's giving it to me.  If it's from my kids, I want it to make them laugh, 'cuz hey, that makes me laugh.  If it's from my wife, I like a sweet card.  If it's from my friends, I usually like a funny card.  

What kind of cards do you get your dad?
It's different every time.  Sometimes funny.  Usually I like to pick a card that tells him what a great dad he is. You know, deep, but not too deep.

Have you gotten any memorable cards lately? 
Yeah, cards from my wife that speak from the heart.  

Care to tell us more about those mushy cards, you old softy?
Uhhh, no.

How do you feel about kittens, rainbows and unicorns?  
I like kittens.  I don't like rainbows.  Unicorns are pretty sexy.  If I got a card with a unicorn on it, I'd laugh.

Any other advice for the Birthday His Way card creators out there?  
*Don't feel locked into guy stereotypes.  Not every man loooooves beer.
*Walking the fine line between funny and crude can be harder than it seems.  Tread carefully.
*Inside jokes aren't usually as funny as they seem to you and your closest buddies.  Try 'em out on a few strangers before you submit them.

Well, you heard it here first, folks.  Send Scott a unicorn card and you'll get a laugh out of him.  We'll all get a laugh, in fact.  

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Sandideer said...

Hey Scott, I took your advise before I submitted and showed my entry to many many people...and they all laughed and GOT IT.... only one lady DIDn't get it....took awhile to explain it too..( oh boy) so enter I did!

I'm glad you like kittens...gotta love guys who love cats...!
I have a younger brother named Scott..he has a sense of humor too..he says when I smile I look like the front end of an old Buick...lots of "grill"...haha.
Have fun Scott and thanks Hallmark staff for making thses contests so fun!!!