Thursday, March 19, 2009

Introducing Sandra Groth, yourBloopers Finalist

Meet one of our finalists of the day. Read on to learn a bit about her and her entry. If you like what you see, comment right here--everybody deserves a pat on the back for their card-making skills. And check back weekdays through April 17 to meet the rest of the yourBloopers finalists.

Sandra is one of those angels who can't turn away a stray. Pipurr showed up on her doorstep crying after having been thrown out of a car. Of course, Sandra took him in. In this shot, Pipurr had just jumped for a grasshopper and Sandra's camera was on delay, so she caught the perfect pose. Sandra is a big-hearted sort who's always up for a joke, whether slapstick, daring, or just plain silly. No wonder animals love her in return.



you asked for jewels and fur!
Happy Birthday!


Sandideer said...

Wow....these contests are awesome.!
(Yes I have been blabbering about it all day!)THANKS HALLMARK..! Today was unusually bright!

This is Pipurrr, our third rescued cat,
That came into our lives and he loves where he's at,
He cannot have offspring but that's not a sin,
Coz' he still has the "cases" his jewelry came in!

(Well, ya know it's all about the look sometimes)

Seriously.....we have all of our cats spayed and neutered to keep the population down. And I donate designer pet beds to the local shelters so they can sell them to raise money...every little bit helps!( And I really love to sew!)Good luck everyone in the contests, the cards are TERRIFIC!!!

Sandideer said...

Oh by the way, my boyfriend says Pipurrr is HIS cat...I beg to differ!
Willow hangs around his feet, (she ADORES him) and my first cat Ebony sleeps on HIS side of the bed.
(Gotta love a guy that loves cats!)

Anonymous said...

Thank U for sharing...



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