Monday, March 9, 2009

Introducing Joanne Putnam, yourBloopers Finalist

Meet one of our finalists of the day. Read on to learn a bit about her and her entry. If you like what you see, comment right here--everybody deserves a pat on the back for their card-making skills. And check back weekdays through April 17 to meet the rest of the yourBloopers finalists.

Guard cat or feline lush? Either way, Joanne got a kick out of finding her kitten in a beer box. “It's the most adorable picture of Mikey I've ever taken,” she says. When not photographing adorable felines, Joanne enjoys biking with her sons and loves spending time with her family.

We’re gonna need
more beer…
Happy Birthday!


Sandideer said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!I LOVE kitty pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!How CUTE!!Nice card Joanne!

Mikey wants another beer,
Bloopers has just begun!
Lets buy another round of drinks,
and toast all of those who won!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic.........
thank U



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