Monday, December 8, 2008

yourParenthood Submissions Closed

Did you do it? Did you get your entry in on time? We sure hope so.

We won't be accepting any more yourParenthood submissions but before you get your frowny face on, hear this: judging is about to begin and that means you get a front seat to all the behind-the-scenes action. Check back throughout the coming weeks for some serious judging excitement (and a dash of judging silliness).

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funnyhaha said...

I have a question about the photo submissions! I had to increase the size of my photos to a size that rendered them "grainy" and somewhat pixelated. I do have the actual photos on hand, but had no way to scan them. If the judges liked my idea(s) but not the quality of the submitted photos, would I at least give the opportunity to present a clearer picture, or would the quality of the submitted photo disqualify me? Thanks in advance for your answer! :)