Monday, December 22, 2008

Does your photo have star power?

Sure, you love your photo but does it have what it takes to become a yourBloopers finalist? Hmmm?

1. Make people want to pick up your card.

In the card display, only the top of the card will be showing, so make sure it's intriguing.

2. Focus on the star.
Make sure your subject (the main person, pet or thing in your photo) is the center of attention by cropping out any extra stuff on the edges.

3. Is it funny?
Or will it have chuckle potential when paired with your hilarious writing? Make sure this one's got comic appeal.

Wait! There's more!

1. No wintry photos.
The cards will be selling in the summer and people don't want to be thinking about the cold when it's all hot out.

3. Edit or enhance your photo?
If you'd like. Just remember that messing with your photo can either make it funnier or take away from the funny. Know the difference.

4. Who took the photo?
Make sure you know, 'cause they're gonna have to sign a release form.

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