Monday, December 22, 2008

Funny Flava

Yes, it's true, humor is subjective. But some funny just can't be denied.

We've gathered a few cooky card examples for your chortling pleasure. Take note of what makes each one uniquely laugh-tastic.


poeticfisherman said...

I wanted to wish everyone at Hallmark and everyone who visits the blog a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, inspired, and prosperous 2009. I hope you enjoy my original poem.


The Christmas Angel

One long, lost and solemn winter, several years ago, it seems,
A boy stood beside a forest, with only his hopes and dreams.
As he peered beyond the tree line, only darkness did he find;
Then, a certain Christmas marvel came before his lonely mind.
From the sky above, a clearing showed a silhouette of peace,
Brightened by the brilliant starlight, shining o’er the snowy fleece.
On the ground, a tiny angel, traced upon the frozen land,
Taught the boy of Christmas blessings and the gifts at his command.

The boy stood lost in amazement, awed by the sight ‘fore his eyes;
Then, he peered upon the Heavens and much to his own surprise,
Suddenly, the tree limbs parted to reveal a golden hue,
And a sign that read, “This season is the time when dreams come true.”
The boy returned to the angel, traced upon the winter’s snow,
His mind filled with Christmas wonder and his heart, at last, aglow.
With a newfound sense of comfort and a restored sense of joy,
Stood a child, strong and courageous, where once had been a lonely boy.

One long, lost and solemn winter, several years ago, it seems,
A boy stood beside a forest and realized his hopes and dreams.
Each was found within the spirit of the Christmas holiday,
And the “season made for dreaming” is alive and well, today.
So remember as you gather, with your friends and family near,
The many reasons you are humbled by this treasured season’s cheer.
My very best to you, this Christmas; may your heart be filled with love,
And your dreams be blessed by angels, traced by God’s own hand, above.

© 2008 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection. All rights reserved.

Sandideer said...

Absolutely wonderful Jill...may your words continue to flow upon the parchment of your soul!