Monday, December 1, 2008

Time's A'Ticking for yourParenthood Submissions

Know how long you have left to submit your Mother's Day and Father's Day photo and writing for yourParenthood? One week! That's it! Why not take a moment over the weekend to dust off those photo albums you've been neglecting. Then take a few (or several)more moments to come up with the perfect Mother's Day or Father's Day card message to go right along with your photo.

A few things to think about when you're creating the perfect card:

Make it sendable: That means anyone could send your card to any mom or dad. For example. Judgy Judgerson could send your card to her sister who's a mom or to her friend who's a dad. Or to her dad who's a dad (duh).

Make it cohesive: We're talking about your writing really giving your photo some extra oomph. The message and the photo should be inseparable.

Make it authentic: Your card should express the stuff of parenthood that all moms and dads can relate to. Whether it's about a pouty face or a funny experience, submit a card you know will make other parents smile in solidarity.

Good luck to you, friends! If you run into any snags along the way, please let us know. Leave a comment and we'll answer with extreme promptness.


R.D. said...

I have a question. The rules say this......

To be officially named as a Finalist, you will be required to provide proper identification, identification of the origin of elements of the Content, documents confirming your ownership of any rights and permissions necessary for Hallmark to exercise the rights granted herein, an affidavit of eligibility, a promotional release and release from liability in favor of the Release Parties within three (3) days (72 hours) after email notification sent by Hallmark.

I understand everything but the ....identification of the origin of elements of the Content...part. What is the origin of elements of the content?

Also, you get 3 days to submit these requirments. Does that mean they have to be overnighted, (because priority mail isn't always on time)? Or can you electronically fill these forms out somehow online, and then resend them back to Hallmark?

Of course, I don't know if I will get finally lucky this time..LOL..but it would be nice to know anyhow.


Wordy McGee said...

Hi, R.D.

Feeling confused by legal-speak? Rest assured you're not the only one. We've scratched our heads plenty of times trying to figure out, "What's that really say?"

To answer your question about "the identification of the origin of elements in the content," it means you'll need to be able to verify that you have permission to photograph anything in your photo. That includes people, objects, locations, etc. In the past, we've had some really fun submissions that had to be disqualified because they included licensed characters, brand names or something like that.

Don't worry about verifying anything until you get an email saying "You're a Finalist!" You'll have three days after that to fill out and return all the necessary paperwork. You'll have the option whether to return it electronically or by mail. Either way, Hallmark will provide you with everything you need to return it.

Does that cover it? If not, feel free to ask some more.


Sunshine said...


I have 2 questions.

First...Can I use a snapshot that is from when my sister &/or I were younger that I have?

Second...In this day & time a lot of people are single parents. Can you submit a Fathers Day card for a mother &/or a Mothers Day card for a father?

Wordy McGee said...

Hi, Sunshine.

I have 2 answers.

First, you can enter your snapshot IF you get permission from your sister AND you get permission from the person who took the photo. They'll need to sign permission forms if your card becomes a finalist.

Second, for this contest, the cards need to work for any mom on Mother's Day and any dad on Father's Day. We won't be accepting specific cards like the one you've mentioned (even though they're great ones). The good news is that the yourParenthood cards will be one card collection among many at Mother's Day and Father's Day. Hallmark has cards made just for single parents because we know that's a very important need. So, in short, the cards you're asking about exist but they won't be part of this contest.

Thanks for asking, Sunshine.


R.D. said...

Thanks Wordy. I think I am good with your information!

OH, how many submissions did you get so far? (ballpark figure?)


kristin said...

Good question...I was also curious (ballpark figure) how many submissions you got so far :) I didn't want to ask because I wasn't sure if you could disclose that info. Thanks - this contest was fun to enter!!!