Monday, October 26, 2009

Crack 'Em Up...Later

We know some of you have been working ahead on your card ideas and we just want to wave you down to give you the latest info, in case you hadn't already taken note. Originally, we were planning to have the "Crack 'Em Up" Shoebox card contest in February. What can we say? Plans change. If you've already been crafting your jokes and fine-tuning your funny, don't fret. You'll get to enter your best "Crack 'Em Up" card soonish. Just not yet. For now, store that card submission in your back pocket and aim your brain power at our contests coming just around the bend. Let us know if you have any questions about the new plan.


Sharon said...

Holy-Moly! I just noticed you featured my treadmill illustration as a card example for the next contest but added new wording! Such a cool surprise! It's kinda like recycling...only better. Glad you liked it enough to reuse. My goal for this year? Aim to create a "for the ladies" illustration/card that puts me in the repeat Card Stars status. Crossing my fingers, toes and...eyes.

Wordy McGee said...

We did, indeed, Sharon! Thanks for providing inspiration to one and all! Can't wait to see more of your funny ideas shine in the women's humor encouragement contest. Oh, and don't cross your eyes. They'll get stuck like that.

Sharon said...

HEE! Wordy, you are one funny dudette! :-)