Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Talk About a Party Hat!

As some of you have witnessed here in previous blog posts, the yourGreeting Card Competitions group loves to party. Well, one of us just turned another year older. And she didn't fail to celebrate with style. We're not telling just how old she turned; that's for her to reveal. We will say this, though: she knows how to bring the fun. We've got evidence...

The oh-so-glamorous party hat pose

Surprise! The googly eye hat has a secret pocket inside that contained a fortune for the birthday girl. How cool is that? It reads, "Always be full of joy." Now, that's a fortune-come-true.


Sandideer said...

That is quite the birthday hat, I've not seen one before!
All those eyes are lookin round,
gives me the creeps and more!

But you look like you are having fun,
Thats' what birthdays are about.
Don't act your age and yuk it up,
Blow all those candles out!

Do you give each other Hallmark cards?
Or do you draw and jot,
Versions of a store bought one,
that would never hit the slots.

I bet you have some good ones,
As contestants we should see,
some Hallmark STAFF ideas,
so WE can vote on thee.

C'mon now .... let's judge YOU guys for a week or two.....we could send you some fun prizes....

Wordy McGee said...

Oh boy, Sandideer, I don't know if we're up to the challenge. Great thinking and great verse, as usual.

Sandideer said...

I's not like you don't have anything else going on do you do it???
One contest in a summer is plenty to track!
(Hey the security word I just had to type is that the plural form of broccili?Yesterday when I left Lindsays poem congratulating her and talking about my Mom and her pictures, the security word I had to type was clablin...FREEKY..change the b to an f and that was My Mom's maiden name. ! Ya think she' watching from up there to see if I win this one? :>)