Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hallmark Loves yourParenthood Father's Day Cards!

It wasn't all that long ago that we showed you the yourParenthood Mother's Day cards in our employee card shop. Did we mention that people loved them? Consider it mentioned. Well, now it's time for the Father's Day cards to shine.

We're placing bets that these babies will fly off the shelves as fast as their Mother's Day counterparts. Not actual bets (we promise, boss), just verbal bets.

Have any of you seen the cards in your local stores yet? Give us the scoop from your neck of the woods.


Connie said...

So adorable! So exciting!! Thanks for posting!!!

Sandideer said...

A fresh new gaggle of greeting cards,
Standing straight and proud.
Preparing for the Dads day rush,
that huge card picking crowd.

And when the dust has settled,
and our Dads have had their day,
We'll know just who the winner is,
but for now, we'll have to wait!

Good luck to all of you!I have mine all picked out, a few for uncles, a few for others! My Dad would have loved any of these cards!
Have a great Memorial day weekend!

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