Monday, May 18, 2009

And the yourParenthood Mother's Day Grand Prize Winner Is...

...Hailey Lystad! Hailey's daughter and her wild hairdo found a place in the hearts of Mother's Day card buyers all across the country this month. And who could blame them? That's one pretty priceless expression. Hailey's card earned the most votes, both through free online voting and through votes by card purchases. Join us in giving her a big hooray and congratulations!

And yay for you too, kiddo!

Being a mom is hard work.
It can make your hair
stand on end.
Happy Mother's Day!

1 comment:

Sandideer said...

Who can resist a baby's head of hair thats all askew?,
The precious look upon her face got all attention too.!
Congratulations Lindsay on your Parenthood success,
When your babys' all grown up,
will her hair still be a mess?

Something to look forward to...pose her just like your card picture on her 21st birthday...
My Mom had a picture of my little brother chewing on a turkey drumstick when he was about 3, and when he was 18 she took a picture of him doing the same thing...and then put the photos side by side in the newspaper for his birthday at was priceless.
She always had fun with our pictures.