Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pssst... think you're funny?

While we are doggedly working on creating the best group of 67 finalists without caterwalling too many times or getting into too many skirmishes, we are also working on putting together the details for the NEXT competition (which will be officially announced on 3/3). (Presuming we master the art of multi-tasking.)

ANYWAY, there may be a few of you that are looking to work toward the next challenge while you're in wait-and-see mode for this one. (One of you is, anyway.) So... here's a little hint to help you prepare:

Our next card competition has to do with funny. Funny cards. Funny cards made by you, you funny people.

I'm sure you are all naturally hilarious and are able to translate that high hilarity into the world of greeting cards, but just in case you could use some practice or want to try out some varied approaches before go time, be our guest.

Details to follow.

Okay, back to the exercise wheel.


Rose said...

Unfortunately, we already got the "funny" thing from the home page. But what kind of funny are you looking for?? DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS! LOL...

I'm #2 who is waiting! LOL....

HemiHound said...

Like visual funny, written funny, both maybe ??? Adult funny, children funny, anybody/everybody funny ??? Come on your killing me!
LOL :)