Friday, February 15, 2008

Finalists, Keep Your Ear to the Ground...

Decisions have been made. Finalists have been called. Confirmation letters and emails have been sent.

67 of them (plus some alternates just in case).

As we've mentioned, it wasn't an easy call to make. There certainly were many submissions that we're heartbroken didn't make it into the top group. (And there also are quite a few that just had such low resolution - from a camera phone maybe? - that they'd print really funny.) (Do check your design's image resolution (dpi) is high enough when you submit, pretty please!)

A few days ago, the Hallmark judging team (your hosts) invited Dr. Wayne Hunthausen, a local veterinarian and pet behavior specialist, and Brian Bengelsdorf, the Art Director of "Dog Fancy" magazine, to make the final call on which cards should make it to the finalist round.

They, too, were impressed with the quality of the entries, particularly how well many of you tied your photograph to your birthday sentiment. Also, with just how well your photos came out. (They know from lots of personal experience how squirmy even the most patient pet can be.) Nicely done, you guys.

To those of you who didn't make the cut this time, remember that this is not the end, but the beginning (we hope we hope we hope) of all these competitions. Stay tuned.

Random aside: At dinner with our pet experts, we found out both of their last names means something funny or pet-related when translated to English. Any guesses?


buymebarbies said...

All I can say is, Daisy May and I are sooooo BUMMED!!!!!!!! ;-(

luvthose Collies said...

Dr. Hunthausen might be in the dog house with a lot of entrants, but there will be plenty of cats in town to keep him company:) Oh well, freinds liking the cards I make for them enough to suggest I enter this contest, priceless. Gave me a lot of new ideas. Thanks

Rose said...

If you had waited ONE MORE week for the deadline, my newborn kitties eyes would have opened and given so much more personality to the shot. LOL...BUT, that is ok. Better luck next time I guess, and my congrats to the winners!

(now I can return all of my props to the store for a refund *tee hee*)

mykids said...
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mykids said...

Sniff, Snifff, get me another kleenix. I don't have the heart to tell "my little girl" she didn't make it. Congratulations to all the finalist! Can't wait to see the cards. We'll start brainstorming for the next competition now.

NeuBon said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all the finalists. I am looking forward to voting! I am wondering if they sent dog bones or catnip in the packets with all the other winner information.

NeuBon said...

I only had time to look up one name, so I chose Hunthausen. Hausen is a large sturgeon. It's the one that gives us Beluga caviar. That's a pretty nice origin!! My last name (Neubauer) means new farmer. How very dull, especially for someone like me who prefers the indoors and eating pre-prepared foods!

graphichick said...

my simple search:
urchin -- der Bengel
to kennel -- hausen

my quick question:
how many alternates were chosen?

my huge hoorah:

The dog lover said...

congrats to all the winners :'( maybe we could have a chance in the contest after the funny one because we are not funny i guess

HemiHound said...

Congradulations to all the winners...lots of licking, paw shaking and tail waggin to you all!
I look forward to voting!
Okay enough of that...
now that the creative juices
are contest...funny shoebox...anything goes...just d@mn funny...2 monkeys and a giraffe walk into a bar...ohh not that kind of thinking :)

Shawna said...

I'm so heartbroken that my Zowie didn't make it. I thought her picture was perfect with her little tongue hanging out. You must have some amazing animals if she didn't make the cut!! Please let me know if you do another one!!

auroraboraalice said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm bummed, but Gus is relieved. (He's a homebody and wasn't looking forward to the flight, not to mention so many strangers!)
Okay, funny. Like, LOL in the card store funny?? Been there. I'll start thinking, but sweet & emotional would be my forte. Maybe next competition.

Thanks for all the hardwork judging; I'm sure it was difficult to narrow it down to 67. The competitions are a great idea! Keep them coming.