Friday, February 15, 2008

"Just For Fun"

Look out Judgy, I FINALLY figured out how to post on our blog and I just can't resist spilling a few more beans on this one! :)

By "Just For Fun" Judgy is referring to a card that can be sent for any 'ole reason. It's not a holiday card (sorry rose) or a birthday card like our last contest, but more of an out of the blue card that's just absolutely hilarious that you want to send it to someone just because it's so d@mn funny.

And one more hint... it doesn't have to be a photo this time (though it can be) so get those creative juices flowing!


gus said...

ok with the new one.... what about the pets... please... will you notify anyone by phone or email? have notices gone out? the tribe here is panting in anticipation

The dog lover said...

cant wait to her more about the pet contest
oh and congrats to Uno the first beagle to win westminister dog show!

bethwheat said...

when are we gonna know if we are a finalist it is killing me just waiting around. are you going to send spmething out to the finalist?

Rose said...

I WAS WRONG? DANG! LOL...Guess that cinches me looking for a good insurance price on my new car?

I am still happy though. An any occasion card is great too!


HemiHound said...

Congradulations to all the winners...lots of licking, paw shaking and tail waggin to you all!
I look forward to voting!
Okay enough of that...
now that the creative juices
are contest...funny shoebox...anything goes...just d@mn funny...2 monkeys and a giraffe walk into a bar...ohh not that kind of thinking :)