Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Next Up: Semifinalists Chosen

Here's a picture from our call with (RED) to pick the semifinalists. After making sure our (RED) pal had received the packet of submissions we overnighted, we sequestered ourselves - along with another local (RED) rep. here in KC! - back into our (locked & secret & tiny) room, called up (RED) in Cali. and dove in.

It was a long (but fun) process and we have to say that we all continue to be impressed with the range and quality of the submissions. We debated, discussed, celebrated and smiled a lot; laughed, sighed, reflected, you get the idea.... What a great competition, filled with great people, for a great cause.

Warm fuzzies all around.

(Since then, we have been busy calling/emailing the semifinalists to go through that second round of legal stuff we need to do before we can name the TEN FINALISTS!) (on Dec. 14)

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