Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Calling the Semifinalists

It was so much fun to deliver the news to our semifinalists by phone! People were so happy and excited. And we were so proud of them for doing such good work. Why am I rambling? Here a few quotes from the semifinalists themselves:

"I just love the way you've handled all of this, it's been so much fun"

"This is pretty rockin'."

"I have goosebumps."

"I think i'm numb."

Rockin', indeed. :)


Leslie said...

Dang, I wish I answered the phone call. I would've loved to talk to a real Hallmark representative! That's what I get for screening my calls. At least now I have a voicemail to keep forever... or until it's automatically deleted by my carrier lol

I did get the email though, thanks so much for making mine one of the 19 semi-finalist entries!! This is SO EXCITING!!! Good luck to everyone in the next round :)

Athiwan said...

that is sooo great.. congratulations leslie! :)

hyrez said...

Oooh, I'm all a tingle with anticipation! I sure hope I make it as finalist! Good luck to all semi-finalists!

Leslie said...

Thanks Athiwan!

Anonymous said...

i just realized that HallMark was doing this competition! I wish i had known about it sooner and I would have came up with something to submit also! Maybe if they have another competition where I can submit something I drew, Ill be one of these excited contestants waiting to hear good news. Good Luck to you all!-Amber