Sunday, December 16, 2007

Calling All Finalists.

Well, now we have a little bit of a glimpse into what it must be like to be Ed McMahon.

On Thursday night, on speaker phone - the night before the "top ten" were announced to the world - we called all of the finalists to let them know the good, good news on their good, good work.

What happy responses we got. Here are a few:

"That is really awesome. You guys have made my day."

"That's so crazy!"

"I'm like in shock that's so awesome."

"That is just the neatest thing that has happened to me so far."

"It's been driving me nuts. I've just been dying to know!"

Of course, you are all winners to us - and to (RED) - because you cared enough to get involved and particpate the way you did.

Now, go vote for your favorite finalist card and remember, this isn't the end of our greeting card competitions, but the beginning....

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