Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gotta Laugh: True Stories

You've got 'til Monday to enter your card for A Girl's Gotta Laugh. Is it in yet? I sure hope so! If you're lacking inspiration for funny encouragement, look no further than this here blog. Today, we're telling another tale of an uplifting, comical card received by one of our team members. This time the story is Debbie's. Take it away, Debbie!

"I was at home in bed with strep throat. I was really sick. My two young daughters had never seen their mother in bed ill for 2-3 days before. On the third day, my older daughter, Amanda, brought me a card. It was a Peanuts card with Lucy on the front. The card said, 'Are you going to get well or am I going to have to pound some germs?' What was funny was that my daughter was so serious when she gave it to me; I think she really thought that she might need to do that. I had just enough energy to be able to laugh, but I started feeling better right away. She decided that her mom was going to be okay and the germ pounding was not necessary."

Thanks for sharing, Debbie. Glad your kiddo helped you laugh your way back to health.

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Summer said...

Such a cute story!