Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're Thankful For . . .

Around here, everybody's pretty much cleared out for Thanksgiving weekend. People are passionate about their stuffing and cranberry sauce, lemme tell ya. Our team, though, is passionate about doing these contests with you. We've had lots and lots of fun so far. We are so grateful to you for the whole contest experience, from seeing your submissions for the first time to determining the finalists to talking with you on the blog and on Facebook-- we've got it made. So thanks!

Know what else we're thankful for? We'll let the turkeys do the talking . . .

KC Tbone - In no particular order: bananas, Excel, laughter, elevators that smell like cologne, coupons, Tide to-go, my new hubby, slippers, college basketball, Wheat Thins, road trips, friends and faith

Judgy's Little Elf - I am thankful I have a job where I can work on a blog and Facebook, wear jeans to work and have piercings and tattoos. I am thankful for (prepare for cliche) my two kids who tell me they love me every day and my husband who still tries to smack me on the butt.

Sheriff of Wordingham - I'm thankful for my brand new niece, Elise, a family who loves me even though I went vegan this year (no turkey!), and supah-smart co-workers who make me laugh.

One Man Show - I'm thankful for my family, 2 great boys and my wonderful wife. She's the sole female in a household of 3 boys: not an easy task. I'm thankful for my job, especially in today's economy and outlook. I'm thankful for my health, or feeble attempt at maintaining it. I'm also thankful for Northrend, (now if I could only get 80, and soon)!

Wordy McGee - I am thankful for the coolest, word nerdiest gig ever, friends who make me laugh too loud in public, a rediscovered love of bowling, an unexpected family gathering for Thanksgiving and new songs for the holiday road trip on my ipod.

And these last two turkeys are thankful for some extra time off for Thanksgiving. Less work! More stuffing!

What are YOU thankful for?

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