Friday, November 21, 2008

Share YOUR Cards

Check it out! The team has made our own yourHoliday card. Have you?

We want to see your bright, smiling faces on these impressive cards.
Go ahead and upload the image of the yourHoliday cards you're sending
to the Fan Photos section of the yourGreeting Card Competition Facebook page.
It'll be like sending holiday cards
to the whole group. How festive.


kristin said...

Hi - I have a question on the parenthood picture entry...does the pic have to be one child only, or could it be 2 kids in the pic? Also for example the fathers day cards, can we submit a pic of a beautiful silhouette of father holding son where faces aren't really seen? Or does it have to be one child only in the pic for that, too? Thanks!!

Judgy's Little Elf said...

Kristin - For this contest we are focusing on photos in which the kid is the star. That means an adult can appear in the photo as long as their face can not be seen. That way, the focus stays on the kiddo. To answer your other question, you're free to enter a photo with one kid or more. Either is a-okay with us as long as the writing is generally sendable. Ask yourself, "Could my card work to be sent even from friend to friend on Mother's/Father's Day or would it only work to send to someone's mom or dad?" Make sure it works for both. Hope we've answered your questions to your satisfaction. We're so glad you're entering!

poeticfisherman said...

I'll tie two blog postings together. I am "Thankful" that I submitted my cards for the 'Parenthood' contest early, as my computer crashed, last weekend, and I lost both cards. That said, I'd love to share my cards on my Facebook page and through yours as well, but I'll have to re-design them for saving on the new PC before I do. That said, I'm still having repairs done to my house, post-Hurricane Ike, so I fear the "sharing" will have to wait.

Happy Holidays!