Friday, November 30, 2007


Hi, there.

It's fun to hear your comments. Glad you're sharing.

To answer a few of them:

(1) We agree with you guys -- you really are all winners already, just for having the heart, creativity and drive to enter this for-a-really-good-cause card competition.

(2) The contest theme was "What's (CONNECTING)RED to you?" (see image above). We've sinced realized that that was a bit "abstract" for our first contest. Next time, we plan to make it simpler, clearer and to the point.

(3) If you were too late for this one, we are planning (and hoping and working on) having others. So, stay tuned.

(4) Does anyone else still have turkey leftovers? I think I'm turning into a turkey.

Gobble gobble.


Athiwan said...

no.. unfortunately there's no more turkey left for me... but the days following thanksgiving was filled will turkey menu though.. lol.. i shoulda tally up the ways we figured out how to incorporate turkey into everything else that we made.. :)

Rose said...

Me bad I guess, but I still don't get what the theme means? I see a logo that says "connecting"(red). Ok, so connecting is the key? Is it "RED" that's the theme? Connecting to others through cards, the theme? I just don't understand the theme at all. LOL..All I can do is hope at this point that it meant something that could really be used anytime, but SPECIFICALLY for an uplift to anyone, including AIDS patients?

When you read around on the site for clues and tips for submissions, it said (red) didn't have to be used and that it will have the usual ( ) inside the card as does all (RED) cards; wording didn't have to be used at all; that it should be universal and something that can be sent for anytime to anyone; and just very general rules (no violence, etc). BUT, when you read the RED site, it talks of AIDS patients. So you think it must be about uplifting cards in look and writing if you use writing. Something to give someone a smile who is ailing. So it was very abstract and confusing.

Turkey? It's LONG gone, and if you find any hanging around now? I wouldn't eat it. It should be uneatable at this point. LOL....


Diana said...

I didn't have too much trouble with the theme, personally. After reading the contest write-up on the site and having a good look at the products already available under the CONNECTING(RED) banner, I thought I had a good idea of what Hallmark would be looking for. For my entry, I just tried to think of a focal-point for my submission that was, well, red and also could in some way create a connection between people, even if indirectly.

In my case, I went with the red neon OPEN sign at a late-night coffee house, but there were lots of alternatives I could have used.

After being subjected to the uber-confusing assignments my drawing teachers would throw at me constantly in art school, I found Hallmark's theme relatively straightforward. But that's just me.

Shereen said...

hey, awesome contest--awesome cause.

how many submissions did you recieve?

Meredith said...

Yeah, how many submissions did you receive?

Dotsie Bregel said...

I'm glad to hear this. I told friends about this and they didn't know what a Red Campaign was.