Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did we say well done? Well done.

Hooray! You did great!!

We've printed all your submissions out (!!) and got it all up in our (very secret and very locked) little judging room. And are happily looking through your submissions and just thinking that you all are mighty talented.

We're proud to know you.


kidocean said...

pick me, pick me :o) Have fun Judging, I know it will be tough!

Athiwan said...

sounds soooo fun!!! lol.. kidocean.. you are so eager.. lol. how great! pick me pick me! lol

have a great time.. i wish i was a part of the committee.. that would be so great to get to see everyone's creativity! :)

kidocean said...

lol @ Athiwan hey I can only be honest :o) Honestly I wish everyone that submitted could win, but as Frost said " All that entered are already winners. They have (Heart) and nothing says heart... like hallmark " :o)
So good luck to everyone!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what else Hallmark has up it's selve they have gotten my creative juices flowing and for such a great cause :o)

Rose said...

At first I was confused. I couldn't figure out what the theme was. I searched all the site URL's given, and all information. Was it supposed to be red? Was it supposed to have a (red) with parenthesis somewhere in the wording? Was it just any card that was universal, writing or no writing? I believe it ended with me believing it was something that could be universal, but that also gave encouragment and maybe a smile to those fighting AIDS. Hope I got that right?! LOL...

Good luck everyone!


arts4you said...

Rose, you made me smile. I did the exact thing trying to guess what the "theme" was!
Soon enough we will see what everyone's interpretation of the "theme" is. It is very exciting!