Thursday, November 19, 2009

Her Way Has Been Judged!

This was the week for judging the Birthday Her Way contest. Yours truly got to step in as an official judge this time as Julienne had other duties to attend to. I was both honored and perplexed by the opportunity--honored because we had such great cards to choose from and perplexed because we had SO MANY GREAT CARDS TO CHOOSE FROM!

Here's our "A" bucket, the front-running cards from filtering:

First, we each go through the "A" bucket on our own and choose the cards we have "winner" potential. It's a chance for each judge to cast her vote, so to speak.

This time we agreed on most of the winning cards. It just took a little conversation and convincing to choose the remaining few. We're so agreeable (mostly).

After our final decisions were made, Kenya raced to the phone to call the winner-winner-chicken-dinners. Hooray! Look for video of that here soon.

Ciao for now!