Monday, July 27, 2009


If you've ever visited the yourGreeting Card Competition blog much at all, you've noticed that we feature our finalists and winners here when they're revealed. We love giving our creative geniuses and their big brains a place to shine. It's fun for them and it's fun for their fans (oh, and fun for us, too). It's a great chance to give props to the card creators.

We're going to make it even easier for friends, fam and fans to comment on the winners' cards. Now you'll be able to post your "Woo hoo" and "Yay, you" on each card directly on our website, instead of on the blog. No more hunting around for a place to give your two cents on the winning cards.


Sandideer said...


I am liking what you are telling us!Can't wait to see the new website!
I don't twitter(I just have a Tracfone) BUT I saw the question about crown tattoos so I punched it in and found this! Looks like people have some! tattoo&icid=snap-pic&flv=1

Wordy McGee said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, Sandra. I didn't spot a Hallmark Gold Crown but plenty of other kinds. Who knew?!

Sandideer said...

I was suprised too...but then I have seen some other tattoos in some of my emails that have left me totally speechless...uh...I won't go into detail!
We have a tattoed lady where I work....she is a very nice person!
I am old fashioned...I like my drawings on paper!