Friday, April 10, 2009

Introducing Vicky Spyrou-Andriotis, yourBloopers Finalist

Meet one of our finalists of the day. Read on to learn a bit about her and her entry. If you like what you see, comment right here--everybody deserves a pat on the back for their card-making skills. And check back weekdays through April 17 to meet the rest of the yourBloopers finalists.

With two dogs, a cat, a parrot, and a 5-year-old, Vicky always makes sure a camera is within reach. The question is not whether something cute or fun will happen but how many times per minute? "This particular situation was begging to be photographed," Vicky says. In the rare quiet moment, Vicky composes poetry and works on her fourth book.

Occasion: Friend

A good friend
helps you out of a tight spot.
A great friend
laughs at you while you’re still in it.
Go ahead.
You can laugh.


KC.TBone said...

Congrats on your THIRD winning card, Vicky - keep 'em coming! :)

Vicky A. from CT said...

Thank YOU KCTBone! If you've got a contest for us, I'll have a submission for you! Here's to many more, Hallmark friends!