Friday, January 16, 2009

Introducing Kristin Reynolds, yourParenthood Mother's Day Finalist

Meet our finalist of the day. Read on to learn a bit about her and her entry. If you like what you see, comment right here--everybody deserves a pat on the back for their card-making skills. And check back weekdays through February 18 to meet the rest of the yourParenthood finalists.

Oh, the things this little girl will do to amuse her four brothers. Her mom, Kristin, says this photo is just, um, scratching the tip of the iceberg. "Our kids do things that make us laugh, revile, want to throw up and smile like we swallowed the sun," she says.

"Dig It"

Inside: have to pick your battles.
Happy Mother's Day!


Sandideer said...

Great photo and card entry.This photo would be worthy to publish in her high school yearbook too( heehee).
My grandpa always told us grandkids when he saw us with a finger in our noses to "Dig him out a new pair of shoes"...haha. He was always cracking us up.

sharon said...

One of the best cards ever! Want to buy at least 20! Creative, clever mom and precious daughter with enormous personality to boot! Go Kristin and YAY Ava!

R.D. said...


Anonymous said...

One of the good card...



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